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Top 10 work from home exercises to lose weight

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When you’re working from home, it can be hard to remember to exercise.


However, if you are unable to get to a gym or head outdoors due to time constraints and weather setbacks, we have some ideas on how you can burn calories whilst working from home.


Remember that having good physical fitness can reduce stress, increase productivity and inject energy.


So with this in mind, we’ve put together some tips and tricks to help you lose weight by keeping your blood pumping, even if you’re working in a cramped home-office environment.

1) Do exercises whilst sitting at your desk

There are so many weight loss exercises that help with burning calories and building muscle mass.


Exercises as simple as stretching in your seat and moving your upper body can help strengthen your back and arms if done consistently.


Other examples of exercises you can do to burn more calories include:

  1. Triceps dips.

  2. Desk pushups.

  3. Calf raises.

  4. Squats.

  5. Chair or desk side planks.

  6. Desk donkey kicks.

  7. Pistol squats.

2) Incorporate more planks into your exercise routine

Before you even sit at your desk, a great habit to get into is to start your day with a plank hold.


Just start by moving your chair to one side, and clear the floor to create enough space to lie down as you do not need to move much.


A plank hold is a great full-body workout to promote weight loss as it targets all the muscles in your body, especially your core muscles.


You can start performing the plank position by staying there for 30 seconds, 60 seconds, two minutes, or however long you can.


This might sound easy, but if you do this long enough, you will find a substantial difference in your weight loss efforts.


You can increase the effects of workouts by ensuring you consume the right supplements to improve your digestion and metabolism.


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3) Do leg lifts to lose belly fat

Leg lifts can be done while sitting, and are simple but effective.


All you need to do is lift your legs off the floor, straighten them both and rest them on an imaginary stool, and hold still for 10 seconds.


Then, slowly return your feet to the floor, and repeat around a dozen times.

4) Perform mountain climbers’

Mountain climbers are great to burn body fat as it is considered an aerobic exercise when performed quickly to increase heart rate.


However, if you reduce the movement, it becomes one of the bodyweight exercises that can help build lean muscle.


A great workout routine will be to include push-ups and burpees to help lose weight quicker.


You can try doing high-intensity interval training but using the 30-seconds on 10 seconds off method.


This means that you perform the workout for 30 seconds and rest for 10 seconds.

5) Incorporate aerobic exercises

It’s important to include cardio exercises.


These are vigorous exercises that get your heart pumping blood around your body, which will help you to stay alert and energized.


A great idea for cardio at your desk is to simply stand up and jog on the spot for 60 seconds without stopping.


You can swap the jog to high knees by lifting your knees as high as possible, to get the full effect.


Remember to land softly as exercises for weight loss that are done with control are more effective to burn fat.

6) Use a jump rope

This is one of the best exercises that can become part of a moderate pace workout or a high-intensity workout.


It all depends on how fast and how long you decide to jump rope.


Jump rope is performed in a standing position and the rope ends should reach the shoulders to ensure the rope is long enough.


This is one of the exercises that can help decrease the waist circumference and increase muscle, especially in the lower body.


If you are good at jumping rope, we recommend swapping legs by jumping on the right leg for a few times and switching over to the left leg for the next round.

7) Get a stationary bike

If you have the budget and space for this, we recommend buying a stationary bike to be placed at home so you can use it anytime you want.


You can also purchase weights for weight training at home.


By incorporating a cardio workout with strength training, you will be able to boost weight loss efforts.

8) Don’t forget to work your face

Many people think about exercises involving their most obvious muscles and body parts.


However, performing simple facial exercises can help to strengthen your muscles, tighten your skin, reduce your chance of wrinkles, increase blood circulation, and release tension in the face and neck.


There are so many exercises you can perform for your face and incorporating them into your daily workouts is a great way to help you lose weight.

9) Join an online yoga class

You don’t have to go to a physical yoga class to get the benefits of yoga.


Many instructors offer yoga sessions via video conferencing services like Zoom.


You can also follow pre-recorded sessions via sites like YouTube.


You don’t need too much to join in with yoga.


Just a mat of some sort, especially if you have a hard floor, and plenty of water to hand.

10) Do a video workout with your kids’

If you have kids, then finding time to exercise can be tough.


The best solution is to get them involved.


There are plenty of workout videos available on YouTube that are perfect for kids, but will give adults some really good exercise too.